Do you want to organize a local REconomy event?

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Staging local events themed around transforming your local economy is a great way to engage your local community, businesses and other organisations in your REconomy work. Before you start, you can download the Events Toolkit for Transition Initiatives. This will help you, as organisers and activists, to put on events that are relevant to your community.

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You can apply for support from REconomy Project if you want to run a regional event in the UK with other Transition Initiatives. This is a three year programme funded by the Friends Provident Foundation. You can see what other groups have been doing via this page. Meanwhile, here’s write-ups from REconomy events (both national and local), aimed at different audiences, that should provide some inspiration:

* REconomy Skills Workshop, Transition Network Conference, September 2015

* Rethinking our Economic Future, Penwith, February 2015

* Devon Convergence: Forum for New Local Economies, Devon, February 2015

* REconomy in Scotland: Reimaging your local economy, Transition St Andrews, October 2014

* Alternative Economics Seminar, full write-up, Transition Town Buxton, November 2013

* REconomy General Event for the city of Paris, Frances, September 2013

* Somerset/Glastonbury Local REconomy Stakeholder event, September 2013

* East Lothian Council Local Economy Workshop, Sustaining Dunbar, March 2013

* Local Entrepreneurs Forum, from the Totnes REconomy Project, an annual event

* REconomy Project day at the TN National Conference, September 2012

* REconomy Project launch 2 day event, Totnes, January 2011

* Plus see the visioning workshop outlines and outputs in this Leadership Primer section