Paid work – map UK’s investment market for community enterprises

Published on June 11, 2014 in Blog
The REconomy Project is looking for someone to help us map the national (and possibly regional) investment sources that are appropriate for the kinds of enterprises emerging from Transition. We want to explore gaps and opportunities in this sector and build some key relationships. This post outlines the paid work that’s on offer in the UK.


A desired outcome of this work are that all Transition-oriented/community enterprises around the UK, that require investment, have access to an up to date mapping of most relevant investment sources. We suggest most of the work will be done in an initial research and publication stage, with the main output then being kept up to date for the rest of the period.

Secondly, we want the help ensure that needs of these enterprises will be met by the market. A number of meetings with key providers will highlight leverage points and help inform the work.

The scope of this work is the UK. ‘Local’ investment is not in scope – it is up to Transition groups to map local options themselves, and Transition Town Totnes and Transition Town Brixton are piloting a process to do this.

This is being offered as a one year contract for the supply of services as stated here. This is an opportunity to help shape the TN’s plans for future involvement in this area, and there may be further paid work on offer via appropriate selection processes.

1. Responsibilities

Work package delivery will involve working primarily with the REconomy project manager (PM) Fiona Ward, and also with a small  ‘investment project’ team of TN trustees and staff. Responsibilities are:

  • Agree the terms of the research with the team, and define the process by which this work can be done.
  • Identify the most relevant national (and possibly regional) investment sources suitable for Transition/community enterprises, including loans, grants, equity arrangements, social bonds and so on (not a full listing)– the team can provide a starting list. Other organisations may have useful listings too.
  • Working with the team, help identify a small number of key providers with whom we might want to meet, and attend a small number of meetings.
  • Capture the information about the services/offers in an easy to use format, so community enterprises can easily establish which options are relevant for them – e.g. an online flow chart – or something more creative!
  • Working with the team, identify gaps in the investment market for community enterprise, and contribute to thinking on recommendations to fill them.
  • Keep the work up to date for the remainder of the period – this is a fast changing field with many players.

2. Required skills & attributes 

E = essential, D = desirable

  • E: An interest in Transition, and REconomy aspects in particular.
  • E: Some understanding of the investment market for small/community/social enterprises – needs and offers – ideally at national level.
  • E: Experience of conducting informal research i.e. following a sensible process to produce a useful outcome.
  • D: Evidence of ability to communicate complex info in a succinct, clear and compelling way.
  • E: Experience of building relationships with partner organisations, and ability to represent the Transition Network professionally and credibly.
  • E: Personal resilience and capacity to fulfil the requirements of the work on time and within budget.

3. Terms

This work is being offered out to open tender. The work will run for 12 months and will begin as soon as possible but not later than August. We are looking for a UK-based person.

The budget is £6,500 including VAT, and must include any project costs e.g. travelling to meetings. We expect this work to require an initial focused effort to create the main output, attendance at some meetings, and with a small amount of budget allocated to keeping the info current within the remainder of the period.

This role will report to the REconomy project manager Fiona Ward. We will pay based on milestones being met – these milestones will be agreed at the start of the work. We are very happy to discuss any of these terms providing the total budget is not exceeded and the work is delivered as defined.

4. To apply

If you feel excited by this role, and you think you have the expertise we are looking for, please send:

  • a CV;
  • a cover letter outlining how you meet the requirements in section 2 above and briefly, how you would propose to go about the work and roughly how much time you think it will take.

…to by 5pm on Weds 2nd July, 2014. We will invite a small number of candidates for interview in London or Totnes. Meanwhile if you have any questions please contact Fiona.

5. Background info


We are extremely grateful to Friends Provident Foundation who has funded this project activity.

Author: Fiona Ward.