REconomy Roadtrip – a list of enterprises

Published on September 4, 2012 in Blog

There’s more detail on most of these in the individual blog posts for each place (click on the place name), but here’s a quick summary of the enterprises I came across on my travels, whether emerging from Transition, a connected enterprise* or nothing to do with Transition at all**, as far as we know:







  • Abundant Earth – workers co-op food hub/CSA model.
  • Fruitful Durham – use unwanted local fruit production, a new nursery, just getting going.


Incredible Edible**, Todmorden



  • Weekly food market with entry criteria – a TTL partnership, run by Lewes Local Community Interest Company (CIC).
  • OVESCO energy company – energy efficiency services and projects like solar PV on brewery, community owned.
  • Decision Lab – offering support to Transition groups and enterprises.
  • Lewes Pound.



  • Food Nation Maidenhead – a hub model, just getting started, could offer a ready-made back end system for people wanting to start their own, just being trialled in T-Maidenhead and T-Letchworth.
  • MaidEnergy – a T-Maidenhead related cooperative that’s helping a group looking at covering a section of the M40’s sound barriers with solar PV.
  • Solar Co-Op was one of the first enterprises to spin out of T-Maidenhead – now looking at solar PV options on community buildings, funded by community shares.
  • Reading True Food Co-operative** – a shop and weekly pop-up shops in community centres – i.e. mobile markets.
  • Cultivate Oxford** – a mobile greengrocery delivers local organic produce to neighbourhood drop-off points.



  • Farmshare – model of CSA and food hub up and running.
  • Bicycle Links** – gives unemployed and disadvantaged people skills and work shop experience, refurbishes unwanted bikes, encourages cycling as a sustainable means of transport.




This listing is part of the overall reflections on my roadtrip.

Fiona Ward, August 2012.


Main image: Russell at the Handmade Bakery.