What you can do

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Projects and activities to help your local economy thrive

These are projects and activities that support, or provide infrastructure for your local economy to thrive.

Organise an event

Organising an event is often the first key activity to engage with your local community, businesses and other organisations. Check out our events section to get you started.

A REconomy exchange system

As a new kind of local economy emerges, what might be a vision for an exchange system that would best support it?

New local banking  models are emerging like Robert Owen Community Banking (also in our top 20 enterprises)

Inspiring enterprises

Find out about the UK’s top twenty Transition Enterprises. A Transition Enterprise is a financially viable trading entity that fulfils a real community need, delivers social benefits and has beneficial, or at least neutral, environmental impacts.

Influence local public procurement policy in favour of local businesses

There’s quite a bit of activity in this area, though we haven’t yet come across any Transition groups directly involved in influencing local public sector spend. Meanwhile here’s a range of useful reports that might inspire you to begin…

Enterprise incubator space

Increase community ownership of land and other key assets

Explore the potential to develop or strengthen local supply chains