Not from UK? REconomy in other countries

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There has been interest in the UK’s REconomy Project from around the world, mostly from people in Transition but sometimes from other groups and organisations too.

In 2013, with a small amount of seed funding, the national hubs of Belgium Reséau Transition Wallonie-Bruxelles, Croatia, Italy, Latvia and the Netherlands began to explore what REconomy might look like in each country (read a blog about their work, or summary of their outcomes), and in 2014 were joined by Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Portugal and the USA (summary report) to develop their own ideas for how they might support an emergence of REconomy.

This group of national hubs is continuing to meet and inspire and support each other with their REconomy work – the group is now coordinated by Nenad Maljkovic of Transition Croatia (

To find out what REconomy-type activity might be going on in your own country, the best thing to do is get in touch with your national hub. You can find out if you have a national hub here. If you don’t have a national hub then please get in touch with us and we will help if we can.

Regardless we hope you will find useful information and resources on our website that are relevant in many countries, so please take a look around. In Spring 2016 we will be changing this website so it’s easier for you to find helpful resources wherever in the world you may be.