Starting a REconomy Group

Leadership group

Starting a REconomy group in your community – partnering, vision and strategies for transformation

Do you want to transform whole sectors or significant portions of your local economic system? This section provides examples of how communities are starting to do this and advice on how you might set up a group to start REconomy work in your community.

To help your group start your own leadership activity – which you might chose to call your local ‘REconomy Group’ – we have guidance and useful resources around four common themes:

It’s not an exhaustive list of everything you could do but we hope it’s enough to help you get started. We think the ideal starting place is with ‘Resource yourselves’ so you gain the capacity to do the work, but the other things could be done in parallel – your approach will likely depend on your local situation, such as your relationship with key partners and similar work that might already be underway.